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Discover our mini bikes school in Romagna: we offer a beautiful mini bikes circuit for children in San Mauro Mare.

Basic course

Starting from 4 years old, children play with the mini bikes, learn not to be simply be carried but to lead it without hesitation where they want.
Learn the rules to be adopted in the circuit and in the pit lane, while parents will receive advice to stimulate the self-esteem of their pilots.  Mini bikes, protections and technical equipment are supplied by us.
Saddle Christening: Lasts 15 minutes and children are accompanied in tandem by the instructor in complete safety.

Junior Course

Kids who are already familiar with the bikes learn the correct driving position and the movements of the body required to take advantage of the performance of their mini bike.
They learn to race on the track in the respect of the slower pilots and the behaviour to keep in presence of the faster ones.
All in the name of fun.

Advanced course

Starting from 6 years old, pilots can perform in competitive events.
From 8 years onwards they can practice competitions at local, national and international levels.
In addition to overtake, outdistance and trajectories, they learn to manage the race day, from the time of qualifications up to the return to the pits after the last lap.
Rivals on the track, but always friends out!

Who can participate?

Basic Course: we register boys and girls from 4 up to 10 years of age with any level of experience. Mini bikes, protections and technical equipment are supplied by us.
Junior and Advanced Courses: kids can participate with any type of mini bike, provided that it is in perfect efficiency and does not adversely affect the safety of those driving and those around them.
It is mandatory to use the full face helmet, gloves, shoes, back safety and a mini bike overall.

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